Welcome to Maffra Secondary College

At Maffra Secondary College we are committed to providing the highest possible educational opportunities for our young people. With a proud history and a strong sense of community, we believe it is our role to develop confident and compassionate young leaders of the future, whatever field of endeavour they choose to pursue.

Our core values – learning, community, respect and environment, encompass everything we do. We also believe personal attributes such as resilience and persistence, problem solving and creativity are crucial for our students to be able to engage in world beyond formal schooling. Through a rich curriculum and diverse learning experiences we work to ensure our students become more than they imagine.

We invite you to spend some time exploring our website. For prospective students, please call the school for a tour of our learning programs and facilities.



23/03/2020 Department of Education update information on Coronavirus Click here

COVID-19 update and arrangements moving forward

As you no doubt have heard through the media, all schools will be starting their school holidays as of Tuesday 24th March, 2020. This means today is the last day of school for students.

Can you please make sure your child has brought everything home tonight so they are able to access their learning in Term 2 remotely, if the decision by the Education Department is to move to flexible online learning.  If your child has not done this, please contact the College on 5147 1790 to organise a time for them to come and collect their belongings this week.

For the remainder of this week, other than students in VCE who have a SAC to complete, no other students will be required to complete school work on a daily basis. Term 2 begins with a pupil free day and, at this stage, students will commence on Wednesday 15th April, 2020.

Throughout this week, all families will be contacted by a staff member to ensure that your contact details are up to date and that your child/children have the resources available to undertake flexible online learning if required during Term 2. If you know your contact details are not updated, can you please contact the school ASAP.  If you have not received a call by Thursday 26th March in regards to this, can you please contact the College on 51471790.

The School office will close at 2pm Wednesday 25th April. We would prefer that families contact the school via phone rather than in person, to enable us to meet the social distancing guidelines set out by the Australian Chief Medical Officer.

In preparation for the likely move to flexible online learning, all students will be expected to access Compass for their daily work, following their normal scheduled timetable. This will begin on Wednesday 15th April, if school remains closed to students. An example of this is:

  • 9am – login to Compass to access their period 1 instructions from their teacher
  • 10am – access Compass for their period 2 instructions
  • 11:00 – 30 minute break from learning
  • 11:30 – access period 3 lesson
  • 12:30 – access period 4 lesson
  • 1:30 – 2:15 – 45 minute break from learning
  • 2:15 – access period 5 lesson

Staff will maintain their availability during their normal scheduled timetabled classes and will be available via email for students to ask questions or seek assistance during the lesson.

Students will be able to access learning resources and tasks on Compass and teachers with provide an overview of the week/unit of learning in advance so they can plan their time and understand what is expected if they miss out on a learning session or day. More detailed information can be found in the attachments named ‘Year 7-10 moving to online flexible learning,’ ‘VCAL students moving to online flexible learning’ and ‘VCE students moving to online flexible learning.’

During the holidays, please ensure your child abides by the social distancing recommendations in order to minimise the spread of corona virus (COVID-19) and to keep our community members safe. As Prime Minister Scott Morrison & Premier Daniel Andrews have said “these holidays will be unlike no other.” They should not be gathering with friends, but practicing social distancing.  

We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your constant support. I will continue to be in touch over the coming weeks via Compass as I receive official Departmental advice. Currently different media outlets are providing updates faster than the Department of Education and whilst I understand your interest in this, the information that I distribute will be the official advice coming from the Department of Education and Training.

We wish you all a safe and healthy Easter.

Kind Regards,

Ms Jennifer Roep

Yr 7-10 students – Remote Flexible Learning

VCE students – Remote Flexible Learning

VCAL students – Remote Flexible Learning


DUX 2019 Maffra Secondary College


Maffra Secondary College is proud to announce our 2019 Dux – Mathew Angliss, who has graduated from the VCE with an ATAR of 96.10

Mathew is extremely happy with this result and he is looking forward to studying Secondary Education at university next year, with the goal of teaching in the future.

“I always had great teachers at Maffra, so I guess I want to be like them,” said Mathew.  “The thing about VCE is, I reckon you get out what you put in.  I have never felt limited at school, in any way.  You don’t need to go to a private school to get a great education.”


Mathew worked consistently this year and the College is delighted that his great attitude to study has paid off. He has been an excellent role model for other students. We wish him all the best with his future endeavours.

“We are exceptionally happy with our students’ results and wish them all well,” said Jennifer Roep, Maffra SC Principal.  “Collectively, we have seen our results improve significantly in many areas this year and we will continue to build on this.  We could not be happier for Mathew, who has actively demonstrated our school values of Respect, Community, Environment and Learning. The teaching profession will be very fortunate to have Mathew share his passion for Maths and Science with future generations.”

Our 40 VCE students worked diligently throughout the year and this was reflected in our three students who achieved ATARs above 90 and four students who achieved ATARs in the 80s, along with many other success stories. We also had 10 study scores of 40 or above and an increase in the number of Year 12 subjects achieving above the State average.

We are full of pride for the successful VCAL program that has been developed at Maffra SC and this year we are delighted that 14 students undertaking the VCAL certificate have secured apprenticeships.

The Maffra SC community is very proud of our entire Year 12 cohort, who have worked hard in 2019 and will go on to access a broad range of pathways, both vocational and academic. The College excels in producing young people who are well-rounded, resilient, community-minded and passionate about their futures.