Student Wellbeing

Our Student Wellbeing Team consists of a Wellbeing Leader, a School Counsellor, a School Nurse and a School Chaplain.

In addition, we have a Doctors Clinic on site with 2 Doctors available for appointments on a Monday. We have a Mental Health Social Worker operating from our Doctors clinic every Wednesday, referrals for the Mental Health Social Worker are made from our Wellbeing Leader and/or the Doctor. We have visiting professionals from the Wellington Student Support Service, including psychologists, speech therapists and social workers – all available to work with students with parental permission. Our team work closely with local paediatricians and other professionals within the community to support student Wellbeing.

A key focus of our team is proactive educational programs including resilience building, anti-bullying, stress and anxiety management, peer group support, cyber safety, mental wellbeing and social media awareness. In conjunction with our Health and PE teachers, we also provide education on nutrition, drug and alcohol issues, sexual education and mental health awareness.

Students may see a member of the Wellbeing Team at recess or lunch time to make an appointment. An appointment card will be provided with the date and time of an available appointment.

Students can make their own appointments to see a GP via compass.