Grade 6 to Year 7 Transition

Transition to ‘high school’ is a significant milestone in every student’s life, one often met with anticipation, excitement and nervousness. At Maffra Secondary College we work hard to ensure students feel comfortable about the change in environment, and look forward to the next stage in their learning. To achieve this we work closely with our local primary schools to provide a number of positive experiences for new students.

Term 2

  • Week 6 School Tours @ MSC (Education Week)
  • Week 7 MSC staff visit local primary schools
  • Week 7 Year 7 (2017) Information Evening
  • Week 8 Application for Enrolment forms due at primary schools
  • Week 9 Mini Transition Day (two session, language taster)

Term 3

  • Week 1 MSC Official Enrolment Packages delivered
  • Week 6 Trans-action Day (Grade 5 & 6 Science Activities at MSC)

Term 4

  • Weeks 2-6 Extended Transition Program (additional support for select children)
  • Week 3 MSC staff visit local primary schools
  • Week 5 T-Day – all Grade 6 students attend MSC for the day
  • Week 10 Statewide Orientation Day – students attend for their first day as Year 7s

Students not currently attending a local primary school but looking to transition to Maffra Secondary College – involvement in the above activities can be arranged. For more information on any matters relating to the above, please contact our Transition Coordinator Loueen Smith on 5147 1790, or via email at