International Trips

China (Beijing, Nanjing, Changshu, Shanghai). Students have the opportunity to see some of the great wonders of the world, including the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and the Terracotta Warriors. Students explore the life of a heavily populated and developing city in Beijing, before travelling south on the fast train to Nanjing, a picturesque city with a leading Chinese university. After exploring architecture, gardens and lakes in Nanjing, students travel south east to Changshu, for a visit to our sister school – Changshu Experimental Middle School. Finally students travel to Shanghai, a modern and vibrant city with a strong market culture and diverse shopping experiences. Trips to China currently run every two years on even numbered years.

Indonesia (Bali). This learning and cultural experience to one of our closest neighbours aims to immerse students in language, art, food and street life. Students have the opportunity to visit key attractions include rice field tours and tourist beaches.

Vietnam (Beloved School). This annual international experience began in 2011as part of the World Challenge program. A key part of the tour of Vietnam and Cambodia is a weeklong stop at the Beloved School – an impoverished school for local children and orphans. Students actively collect useful items prior to their departure which are donated to the school, and spend the week repairing facilities, gardening and generally assisting where they can. Our students provided the school with their first laptop computers, a set of 20, and have regularly contributed sports equipment, basic classroom resources and clothing. This life-changing experience has been a highlight of their schooling for many of our students.

New Guinea (Kokoda Track). An important part of Australia’s history, this experience gives students the opportunity to trek the 96 kilometers of the Kokoda Track. Students quickly get used to carrying heavy backpacks and supplies, giving some appreciation of the journey our soldiers took in World War II. During their travels students visit battle sites including Isurava, Eora Creek and Brigade Hill. All students are required to undergo a training program in the months prior to the trip and meet minimum fitness standards. Both the training and the tour itself provide a great opportunity for students to develop teamwork skills, resilience and historical understanding.