Maffra Secondary College DUX

DUX 2019 Maffra Secondary College


Maffra Secondary College is proud to announce our 2019 Dux – Mathew Angliss, who has graduated from the VCE with an ATAR of 96.10

Mathew is extremely happy with this result and he is looking forward to studying Secondary Education at university next year, with the goal of teaching in the future.

“I always had great teachers at Maffra, so I guess I want to be like them,” said Mathew.  “The thing about VCE is, I reckon you get out what you put in.  I have never felt limited at school, in any way.  You don’t need to go to a private school to get a great education.”


Mathew worked consistently this year and the College is delighted that his great attitude to study has paid off. He has been an excellent role model for other students. We wish him all the best with his future endeavours.

“We are exceptionally happy with our students’ results and wish them all well,” said Jennifer Roep, Maffra SC Principal.  “Collectively, we have seen our results improve significantly in many areas this year and we will continue to build on this.  We could not be happier for Mathew, who has actively demonstrated our school values of Respect, Community, Environment and Learning. The teaching profession will be very fortunate to have Mathew share his passion for Maths and Science with future generations.”

Our 40 VCE students worked diligently throughout the year and this was reflected in our three students who achieved ATARs above 90 and four students who achieved ATARs in the 80s, along with many other success stories. We also had 10 study scores of 40 or above and an increase in the number of Year 12 subjects achieving above the State average.

We are full of pride for the successful VCAL program that has been developed at Maffra SC and this year we are delighted that 14 students undertaking the VCAL certificate have secured apprenticeships.

The Maffra SC community is very proud of our entire Year 12 cohort, who have worked hard in 2019 and will go on to access a broad range of pathways, both vocational and academic. The College excels in producing young people who are well-rounded, resilient, community-minded and passionate about their futures.