Year 11 and 12 Art students had the fortune of heading to the National Gallery of Victoria and The Lume Friday the 14th of July.

The Art Making and Exhibiting course requires students to visit a range of exhibitions as part of their studies into exhibition design, planning a thematic exhibition as well as conservation and preservation of artworks.
At NGV we began our day exploring Rembrandt: True to Life, which follows the work of the seventeenth-century Dutch master. This exhibition included more than 100 of his innovative etchings alongside important paintings on loan from Amsterdam, Washington DC, Vienna and Paris.
After roaming the multiple levels of exhibitions on offer at NGV, we then got the pleasure of the immersive experience of the Pierre Bonnard exhibition designed by Paris-based designer India Mahdavi. This is considered a Blockbuster exhibition and I think all of our students would agree that the pairing of the work by one of the most beloved painters of the twentieth century and design icon Mahdavi lived up to the hype. The vibrancy of the Bonnard exhibitions was in stark contrast to Rembrandt’s exhibition from the morning, there was beauty and colour everywhere you looked.
To finish off the day we headed off to The Lume. The Lume is an expansive 3,000 square meter, four-storey high exhibition space. It is the only space of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. It utilises technology to transform visual art into a multi-sensory experience. We experienced “Connection” which celebrates First Peoples’ art, music and storytelling through 110 works.
We are thrilled our students had the opportunity to engage with these exhibitions and the variety of works that were on offer.