Student Leaders

Student leadership and student voice is an integral part of the culture at Maffra Secondary College. In term 4 each year, Year 11 students are nominated by their peers for School Captaincy. Following formal speeches at a whole school event, the student body votes and the School Captains and Vice Captains are duly elected.

At the commencement of the following year, leaders are sought from all year levels, to make up the Student Leadership Team. The team meet together once a fortnight, facilitated by an experienced teacher and lead by the Year 12 School Captains. The team develop a range of school including team work, communication and project management. Over the course of the year students engage in a range of self-directed project which aim to improve the culture and positivity of the school. In previous years, the Student Leadership Team have coordinator a “Maffra’s Got Talent” talent quest, lobbied (and achieved) new drinking taps, and had input into the design of our landscaping works.

In addition to School Captains, students also elect their peers to represent them as House Captains, with the school divided into four houses for schools sports and other events. Bus travelers also have a chance to a take a leadership role as Bus Captains, who monitor conduct on their bus and support yournger students (including primary students).