Years 7-8

Years 7-8 is a significant time in the lives of our young people.


We provide an intensive transition program for all our students to ensure they experience more excitement than nervousness as make the transition from primary school to high school. Middle Years is all about settling in, making new friends, and trying new things for powerful experiential learning.


All students in Years 7 and 8 undertake a core program of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Health and PE. In addition, students will study a language – Indonesian.


In Year 7 students engage in a range of breadth subjects to explore their interest. These include Art, Drama, ICT (Computers) and Textiles. To help build relationships early in the year, we encourage all Year 7 students to attend the Year 7 Camp in Term 1.

In Year 8 students take on more advanced breadth subjects, including Wood and Metal, Music, Art and Food Technology.In Year 8, to help build student’s voice and agency, we allow them to have the opportunity to design their own camp; from the venue hire to activities and food. Recent camps include Torquay and Eden. Year 8 is full of opportunities, with student’s challenging themselves in Collaborate, a Broadening Horizons project, which runs for most of Term 3. It includes an extended investigation project, where students work in partnerships with local organisations to solve real world problems.


All students at Maffra Secondary College have access to their own netbook device, to enhance their ability to research, create and produce high quality digital work.



Ashlee Williams

Year 7&8 Team Leader


Felicity Scully

Year 7 Coordinator




Fiona Ray

Year 8 Coordinator