Positive Behaviour Support

At Maffra Secondary College we base our behaviour and support structured on the internationally acclaimed School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework, often referred to as PBS.


PBS is based on three key principles:


We have consistent expectations across the school. Distinct from primary school, students in secondary college experience 7-8 different classroom teachers each week. To support out students in their learning, we work to ensure the expectations of all teachers are consistent. Students know where they stand, and although seldom needed, consequences are predictable, fair and consistent.


We explicitly teach expected behaviours. Not all children come to school with the same expectations of what’s okay at home and what’s not. In school, if a student doesn’t know how to do Maths, we teach them. We don’t believe appropriate behaviours should be any different; if they’re not known by a student, we take the time to teach them.


We reward positive behaviours. We know at Maffra Secondary College almost all of our students are doing the right thing; being polite, respectful, supporting others and getting on with their learning. We acknowledge students with ‘posi-slips’, which provide access to reward events and special raffles. We don’t take our students for granted; it is them after all that make Maffra Secondary College such a great place to be.


The cornerstone of PBS is the Matrix – a document which lists all of the expected behaviours of students. A copy of the Matrix is displayed in every classroom, and you can obtain a PDF copy here. In addition the college has a staff matrix and parent matrix.


School Wide PBS is guided by a committee which includes parent and student members. Key work involves examining school data, developing resources and actively promoting the PBS principles. For more information on SWPBS, please contact our assistant principal Cheryl Evans on (03) 5147 1790 or cheryl.evans@education.vic.gov.au