Student Leadership

Student Leadership has always been an important part of the culture at Maffra Secondary College. We are dedicated to creating an environment that will contribute to empowering students, enhancing school pride and creating a positive climate for learning, while reinforcing the importance of setting high expectations in everything we do. Our Student Leadership structure provides an opportunity for our students to have student agency and student voice, and to align with our mission statement: ‘A positive learning community where all individuals are accepted, inspired and empowered to succeed’ 

As an integral part of each student’s development in becoming successful members of our College community, students have the opportunity to apply for a variety of leadership positions, and to develop leadership skills and participate in student led initiatives. Student voice and leadership is valued and their contribution to making positive change acknowledged. At Maffra Secondary College, we have a room known as Talmaru which is purposely assigned for student leaders to meet, learn, connect and collaborate.


All students wishing to apply for leadership positions are required to submit a written application and sit a short interview with staff members and student representatives. Students applying for School Captains and School Vice-Captain will also present a speech.

The Student Leadership Structure is as follows:

  • School Captains (2 x Year 12 students)
  • School Vice-captains (2 x Year 11 students)
  • Senior Student Leaders (6 x Year 11/12 students)
  • Senior House Captains (2 per house from Years 10-12)
  • Senior House Vice-Captains (2 per house from Years 10-12)
  • Year Level Student Leaders (2 students from each year level 7-10)
  • Form Group Leaders (2 students from each form group from Years 7-9)
  • Junior House Captains (2 per house from Years 7-9)
  • Junior House Vice-Captains (2 per house from Years 7-9)
  • Arts Captains (2 students from Years 8-12)
  • Diversity Captains (2 students from Years 8-12)
  • Environment Captains (2 students from Years 8-12)


In 2022, Maffra Secondary College was recognised for their work and awarded the VicSRC Student Voice School of the Year Award. More information can be found at: