Our Principal

Maffra Secondary College was established in 1927 and boasts extensive grounds and space for our students to enjoy. The appeal of our school rests in our strong commitment to providing a balanced education that addresses the academic, social, emotional, physical and artistic aspects of our students’ lives.


We have established strong relationships with many community, industry and educational organisations which is fundamental to our ability to provide our students with rich, real world learning experiences and a broad range of career and pathway options.


At Maffra Secondary College we use the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework to ensure consistent expectations across the school, with an emphasis on explicitly teaching expected behaviours and rewarding positive behaviours. It is through this that we have high expectations of students when it comes to creating an orderly environment conducive to learning.


Student Leadership has always been an integral part of the culture at Maffra Secondary College. One of our school priorities, ‘To create a community of learners that are curious, empowered and engaged’ provides an opportunity for our students to also have student agency and student voice. We are dedicated to creating an environment that will contribute to empowering students, engendering school pride and creating a positive climate for learning, ultimately enhancing their ability to actively contribute to their own learning.


At Maffra Secondary College we are unwavering in our vision to provide the highest possible educational opportunities for our young people. With a proud history and a strong sense of community, we believe it is our role to develop confident and compassionate young leaders of the future, whatever field of endeavour they choose to pursue. We will work to ensure our students become more than they imagine!


Jennifer Roep

Principal – Maffra Secondary College