Our Values

Learning, Community, Resilience, Respect


At Maffra Secondary College everything we do encompasses our values.


Learning is our key driver, and we strongly believe learning extends well beyond the four walls of a classroom. We strive to develop students who know how to learn, and are equipped with the skills to take on a lifetime of opportunities and challenges.

We instil a strong sense of community and compassion in our students, by means of connecting with our local primary schools, hospital and aged care facilities, our local business and our local community groups.


We work closely with our students to build an appreciation of the environment, from taking pride in our own facilities, to contributing to a sustainable future. From student drive sustainability projects such as school solar power, LED lighting and water saving programs, to community partnerships with local Landcare and Rail Trail groups, the environment sits at the core of what we do.


Respect defines our relationships within the school, which is fundamental to everything we do. We believe needs to be mutual between staff and students, and we pride ourselves on the positive and supportive culture we’re able to create with each and every cohort of students.