School Captains

Our School Captains and Vice-captains play an integral role in the school, leading the student leadership team and modelling the high standards we have for all at Maffra Secondary College.

Our School Captains and Vice-captains regularly meet with the principal team and student leadership co-ordinator to discuss issues and ideas relating to the student body. They work with members of the Student Leadership Team (Diversity Captains, Arts Captains, Environment Captains, House Captains, School Council members and Year Level Leaders) to ensure we have through lines from our governance, leadership and student body. School Captains and Vice-captains lead the Student Leadership Team to initiate feedback, identify and implement improvements and co-ordinate student-led initiatives and activities. This enables our School Captains and Vice-Captains to leave a legacy at our College. To allow our School Captains to then focus on their studies in Term 4, our School Vice-captains take on the responsibilities of our School Captains in Term 4.

Our School Captains and Vice-Captains, along with members of the Student Leadership Team, also run whole school assemblies and form part of the interview panels for other student leadership positions.

School Captains are selected during Term 4 of their Year 11 school year and School Vice-captains are selected during Term 4 of their Year 10 school year. Nominees complete an application form and short-listed applicants sit an interview and present a speech to the whole school.  All staff and students preference their preferred School Captains and Vice-captains through an endorsement process and the School Captains and Vice-Captains are appointed during Term 4 for the following year.

With a strong culture of leadership at Maffra Secondary College, we actively encourage all students to be engaged in student leadership, through formal positions in the Student Leadership Team but also through attending Student Action Teams for each year level, Diversity, Environment and/or Arts action groups.