School Council

Our School Council plays an integral role in the governance of the school, including broad oversight of strategy, curriculum and finances. Beyond this however, the school leadership team work closely with the council board to share, discuss and gain alternative perspective on a range of school wide issues.


School Council meets monthly at the college, and comprises of both parent and school staff representatives. Our school council president, Peter Neaves, is passionate about community and parental engagement in schools, and encourages anyone in our school community to get involved where they can.


School Council elections occur in March each year, and all parents of Maffra Secondary College are welcome to apply. Community members may also be eligible to join if interested, depending on the composition of the council at the time.

Anyone wishing to raise a broad issue for the council to discuss (not specific to individual circumstances, which alternatively should be directed to the Principal), may email the council president, Peter Neaves, at