Energy Breakthrough at Maffra Secondary College


Energy Breakthrough has been major part of our College program since 2008. We focus our efforts on participating in the ‘Energy Breakthrough Challenge’, a 24-hour endurance race held in the township of Maryborough Vic. Each year we work toward entering 2 teams in the event; a Year 9 Team generated through the class elective: Energy Breakthrough, and a Senior Team made up from interested years 10, 11 and 12 students. Our Maffra students have produced consistently competitive teams and we have regularly posted in the top 10 in our division in the race.  


The Energy Breakthrough event and program are unique in that all teams must compete across three areas of assessment: Design and Construction, Display and Presentation and the Endurance Trial. At MSC we focus on our students developing a strong team mindset and being mutually supportive of each other. Being a demanding event over 4 days, plus the riggers of the 24-hour race, we are extremely proud of the way our students have thrived and grown over our years of involvement in the event.


This year, our 2 teams are ‘Maffra Meltdown’ from the year 9 class, and ‘Phoenix’ from the senior team. For 2022 we are aiming to better our 2019 4th place result and break into the top 3 this year. Wish us luck.