Awards Received by MSC

In2Science Outstanding Mentee Award for 2022

Congratulations Hamish Meddings (Year 8 ), who was the winner of the In2Science Outstanding Mentee Award for 2022. Hamish attended the In2Science Awards night in Melbourne and was presented his award by Hon Prof John Brumby AO (In2Science Chair).
We were also awarded the following Finalist awards:
Jaxon Marshall (student) – Outstanding Mentee Award Finalist
Henry Noble (student) – Outstanding Mentee Award Finalist
Kristen Raine (teacher) – Mentor Support Award Finalist
Maffra Secondary College – School Engagement Award Finalist

Leadership and Innovation Award


In 2015, Maffra Secondary College received a Leadership and Innovation Award at the Regional and Community Development Awards, held at Etihad Stadium, Melbourne. The award was received as a result of the industry leading Corporate Immersion program the college has pioneered with their corporate partners Australia Post.


The award acknowledge the success of the program in only its first year, where a select group of Year 10 students were linked with Australia Post mentors. Students regularly engaged with their mentors, worked collaboratively on problem solving activities, and visited corporate offices. Students not only developed a range of real world skills, but broadened their understanding and awareness of the range of career options available to them.


Through the support of Schools Connect and as a result of University of Melbourne evaluation, the program will continue into the future, with plans to ensure it grows bigger, stronger and more beneficial for students.



Graham Clark

Maffra Secondary College has won the Graeme Clark Award for Science Innovation in Schools for its Year 8 project in 2015

The Broadening Horizons Program was born out of forum talks between Maffra Secondary College and regional bodies to create new ways to improve aspiration and engagement in science for Gippsland students in Year 7 and 8.

After a year of discussion, Kylie Lambert and other Year 8 Science teachers at Maffra Secondary created an eight-week project.

Over the eight weeks, students choose a topic of their passion, research it, receive advice and mentoring from industry experts and create a final product that is presented to the public and local schools.

"The project aims to raise the aspirations of the students at our college by giving them an opportunity to work alongside mentors on real-world research tasks and to present their work to our local community," Kylie said.

Despite its significance, science isn't as popular as a senior-level subject as it could be, says Principal Jeanette McNamara.

"We were looking for a vehicle that would take purchase in our school as many students drop science for the VCE and Kylie was eager to improve science outcomes," she said.

Kylie says the program not only provided students with increased knowledge of science, but also transferrable skills for their futures.

"It was great to see the students working through problems, having an understanding of persistence and collaborating with others, because they're really important abilities as well," she said.

A dozen schools across Victoria applied for the Science Award, but it was Maffra Secondary College's innovation and commitment to promoting science and intergenerational engagement that won them the award, says Luan Ismahil, Executive Officer of The Graeme Clark oration.

"It alerted us to the fact that schools are active and engaging in promoting science, but we as a community don't usually hear about the efforts," he said.

"Maffra has recognised the importance of science, particularly as a regional school, which has a natural disadvantage of not being in a city like Melbourne that has access to universities, researchers and industry experts. Regional schools have to work a lot more energetically and have to have a strong commitment to do this, and they do."

Students Roydon Fulton and Jesi-Lea Heart were surprised when their 100-strong cohort won the award, but were grateful to have learned about science regardless of the achievement.

"It was exciting to learn that everything you do involves science, and doing the project pointed that out to us a little bit more," Jesi-Lea said.

After receiving this honour, Maffra Secondary College hopes it will provide funding for future projects and open the door for groups or organisations to collaborate with the College.



In2 Science

Maffra Secondary College  took home an award for their school communities. Maffra Secondary College in Central Gippsland has been a committed and outstanding eMentoring partner school since the inception of the regional online mentoring model in 2016. Kristen Raine, who accepted the award on behalf of the school community has been phenomenal in her support of the program and is visibly dedicated to the success of In2science at the school.


The highly anticipated In2science Annual Awards was held at the Science Gallery, Melbourne to celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions of mentors, students, teachers and schools who participated in the peer mentoring program in 2021.


Throughout 2021, In2science has supported science and maths engagement and education across 54 schools, with 187 mentor placements reaching 3,294 students in metropolitan and regional/rural Victoria. The most inspiring examples from across the program were highlighted at this special celebration.


The event was opened by In2science Program Director, Dr. Alison Every with an Acknowledgement of Country followed by a video showcasing the Mentor Experience.  The Hon. Prof. John Brumby AO was invited to deliver his keynote speech, followed by Prof. Vera Ignjatović, a Director of the Toyota Community Foundation Australia Pty. Ltd. Prof. Brumby spoke of the generous support of In2science’s program and award partners, the Toyota Community Trust, Victoria’s Department of Education and Training, CSL Behring and Boeing was acknowledged, followed by a reflection of this challenging, but ultimately rewarding year. Prof. Ignjatović emphasised on the importance of small gestures in life that can spark a sense of curiosity in something new and congratulated the team on a successful launch of the Mentor Leaders Program, a new endeavour made possible with support from the Toyota Community Trust.