Challenging Learning

Learning is central to everything we do at Maffra Secondary College. It’s at the center of conversations in classrooms, in staff rooms, in parent-teacher conversations, in student conversations. We believe however, that for learning to be most effective, it needs to be challenging.


Challenging Learning draws on extensive international research determining what works in education. It ensures that students are provided with equal opportunity to be challenged and extended, and then to practice and consolidate new learning. We believe ‘struggle’ is the most misused word in education, often seen as a negative. The reality is, if you’re not struggling with something, you’re not truly learning something new.


Challenging Learning has a number of key elements to bring it to life in a learning environment. Individual learning information is obtain for each student so learning tasks can be developed accordingly, to ensure appropriate challenge. Timely and frequent feedback is provided to students, to ensure they are on the right track and making strong progress. Attitudes and skills (such as resourcefulness, critical thinking and persistence) are taught to students to ensure they become independent, capable learners. And finally, assessments are constructed to ensure students, teachers and parents can all see the child’s learning growth, which in turn builds the child’s motivation, self-esteem and confidence as a learner.


Challenging Learning is an ambitious agenda, and something we’re very passionate about. Often students’ lack of motivation is due to low confidence in their ability to learn. We believe all students can learn, and with the right challenge, support, encouragement and evidence of their progress, they will believe it too.


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